Meeting Times

We meet on Sunday's at 10 AM.
We are located at 3690 Hilborn Road, Fairfield, CA

Coming August 31st 2022

An 8 week course called Start to follow.
The course booklet is FREE!

It breaks down what it truly means to follow Jesus.
Week 1: Meet and Greet
Week 2: The Bible: Your users guide for life. Study God's word
Week 3: Why is church important? Fellowship and Service
Week 4: I've never done that out loud. Worship and Prayer
Week 5: I have Good News. Sharing Your Faith
Week 6: Decisions, Decisions. Knowing and doing God's will
Week 7: Growing Pains. Trials and Temptations
Week 8: Trinity 101. A Beginners Guide to God's Nature

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